Empathy and development in the UK

Following on from the discussion about empathy in A Famine Buffet I’ve also been thinking about empathy in relation to development in the UK.  I campaign on development issues in the UK with a local group of interested and committed people. A lot of our campaigning involves setting up stalls on the local high street, talking to passers-by about the issues we work on and asking them to support our campaigns through signing petitions or letters to their local MPs. Learning the tricks of the trade – how to attract people’s attention, how to engage them and how to get a positive response all within about thirty seconds – is what has got me thinking about empathy. Continue reading


Why ‘Youth Development Voice’? Background to this blog project

This blog is a space for young people who work in and around development to write about and reflect upon our views, experiences and the lessons we are learning from working in this sector.

We are young people who feel compelled to contribute to reducing global inequality in some professional capacity. We have specialised in international development whilst at university where we were confronted with insightful, intelligent and astute critiques of international development. We therefore recognise that ‘development’ comes with complex historical, cultural and moral baggage tied into ex-colonial relations and the power dynamics that this creates between ‘developed’ and ‘developing’ countries. Continue reading