This blog exists to create a ‘youthful’ reflexive voice about international development. Through contemplating, reading and writing we want to create a space for young people starting out in international development to be able to question and critique what they are doing. This blog provides an opportunity to take a step back and ask how best our care and compassion can be channelled into meaningful professional work. We can study all we like, do all the internships out there and travel to far-fetched places but without asking questions we risk unwittingly becoming another cog in the big technocratic international development wheel.
Our vision is for this to become a collective of bloggers working across all different areas of international development. We want to bring people together to ask questions and share ideas which can inform our practical work.
For more information about the background to this blog project please check out our first post.
What this blog is not
This is not a place for tabloid-esque naming and shaming of people or organisations.
This is not a careers advice service.
This is not an online ‘dear diary’ for gushing emotional stories.
This is not a space to undermine or devalue the efforts and motivations of those who work in international development.

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